Lactose-free products

The series of lactose-free dairy products of the company Dimitar Madjarov was created in response to the needs of people with reduced tolerance to milk sugar (lactose) which is naturally present in milk. Upon absence or deficiency of the enzyme lactase in the body, lactose remains undigested, which is why it cannot be properly absorbed. By using modern technologies, we have produced dairy products in which we have preserved all the irreplaceable proteins and amino acids of milk, but with a minimum lactose content of <0.01%. We have done this by adding a special lactase enzyme, which breaks down the lactose contained in milk into easier-to-digest sugars: galactose and glucose. We reduced lactose, but kept the authentic taste and density of our dairy products!

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  • Lacto Free безлактозно прясно мляко Димитър Маджаров

    LACTOFREE Fresh milk from cow milk 3.6%

  • безлактозно кисело мляко Димитър Маджаров Lacto Free

    LACTOFREE Yogurt from cow milk 3.6%, 400g, 6 pcs/tray