About “Dimitar Madjarov”

There is hardly a Bulgarian family that does not gladly put on their table a specialty from “Dimitar Madjarov”. Established 30 years ago, the company produces meat and dairy products “from our family to your family”. For three decades it has been a symbol of quality and authentic Bulgarian taste. Its portfolio includes over 160 dairy and meat products.

The Beginning

The company was established by Yulia and Dimitar Madjarov in 1991 – initially as a food trading company. In trading the two founders learned one of their most valuable lessons – how to work with people, analyze what customers are looking for and offer them exactly that. They started their own sausage production in 1994 precisely through products that consumers wanted – sausages, frankfurters, long-lasting sausages. In 1998 salted cheeses and yellow cheese under the “Dimitar Madjarov” brand went to customers from the dairy farm of the company. Gradually the company established two production capacities – a dairy factory in Stamboliyski with a daily capacity of up to 80 tons of fresh Bulgarian milk and a meat processing plant in Plovdiv with a daily capacity of up to 30 tons.

In the beginning 5 people worked for “Dimitar Madjarov”. Thirty years later, three of these employees are still part of the team – of course, in more responsible positions. Today “Dimitar Madjarov” provides a living for over 300 people.

The family model

“Dimitar Madjarov-2” is a family company. The founder and manager is Dimitar Madjarov. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Food Industry (today University of Food Technology) in Plovdiv. He worked as an engineer-technologist in the system of the State Enterprise “Rhodope” in Burgas. Later, together with his wife Yulia Madjarova, who is also an engineer-technologist, returned to Plovdiv and started private business trading with food products. Their business evolved into their own production and marketing of meat and dairy products under the brand “Dimitar Madjarov “. The meat production is Dimitar Madjarov’s prerogative and the dairy processing – of his wife Yulia Madjarova.

Stanislava Madjarova, their daughter, is also involved in the family model of running the company. She is a second generation manager and a deputy manager. She is responsible for marketing, sales, distribution and export. The strategic decisions are taken by the family council.

The leading products

Some of our products have already become household names in the field of good taste and proven quality. Having become “brands of love”, they have a lasting place in our customers’ homes and hearts. At the top of the ranking among our sausages are the “Golden Selection” series. Among the most popular are also “Elena” fillet slices and “Madjarov” flat sausage, “Panagyurska” flat sausage, “Madjarov” sausage, “Thrace” spiced pork neck and “Elena” fillet, beef spiced pastrami, pastrami, “Montana” fillet and neck, bacon, ham, “Burgas” dry sausage and its version – F70.

From our raw meat and meat preparations, the leading products are: pork neck, minced meat mixture, shepherd pljeskavica with bacon and yellow cheese.

Among our dairy offerings, the favourites ones are cow, sheep and goat cheese, cream cheese, cream, cow katuk, cow, sheep and goat yellow cheese, series “Golden Selection”, cow butter. Regarding the Bio dairy products, the leading ones are bio yoghurt 3.6% and bio cow cheese.

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New products

At the end of May 2021, the company also launched “Dimitar Madjarov” fresh milk. It is also based on extensive research. It took the company two years to try out different flavours and do various tests. The result is 4 types of fresh milk with a solid fat content of 3.6%, 2.0%, 4.5%, as well as organic milk. The raw material is 100% Bulgarian, only from first category raw milk. The technology is classic low pasteurization which destroys pathogens and preserves the useful qualities. There are no proteins, dry or condensed milk or sterilization in Dimitar Madjarov’s fresh milk. The production is under extremely hygienic conditions to avoid even the slightest risk of contamination.

At the end of 2021, the company will also launch new sliced ​​meat products.

“Dimitar Madjarov” taste

“We try to work according to the Bulgarian state standards and technologies valid since the 1990ss

Yulia Madjarova says.

“The products have to be real; the taste has to be traditional and authentic, like in the old days.”

The company always meets the maturation periods. When a product is ripe, it develops flavor and aroma. For example, “Dimitar Madjarov” flat sausage ripens for up to 60 days. This period varies from 90 to 120 days for the milk.

The dairy and meat products of our grandchildren

“In Bulgaria, the good food should be raised into a cult, as it has been over the centuries. This is brought up by the family“,

Yulia Madjarova explains.

“In our country there is still no such attitude to the native, traditional, tasty, healthy and fresh food, as it is with our southern neighbours. We dream that this culture “will happen” here too”.

For Yulia Madjarova “the dairy and meat products of the future” will come in even more consumer-friendly packages and packings, healthier, lactose-free and produced under even stricter hygiene requirements. .

“The greatest luxury for the busy modern person is the time”,

Dimitar Madjarov adds.

“They need something that is easy to be prepared and eat – pre-cut appetizers, fresh meat products to be grilled. The modern consumer looks for variety, a larger assortment with less weight and in a smaller package. The meat products of the future will be even more convenient, easy to eat, with even lower salt content and fewer additives. And made of meat.”

The Legacy

Dimitar and Yulia Madjarov dream their heirs will finish what they started by offering to new markets the uncompromising quality of the created traditional products with authentic Bulgarian taste.

“There is growing shortage of staff. The modern generation does not dream of working in production”,

Dimitar Madjarov says. But he concludes that children and grandchildren will cope with all the challenges as successfully as he and his wife have coped with the most difficult: to have a favourite product of this brand on the table of every Bulgarian family here and abroad. From the Madjarovs to our families