Production capabilities

Gradually, the company built two production plants – a dairy plant in the town of Stamboliyski with a daily capacity of up to 80 tons of fresh Bulgarian milk and a meat processing plant in Plovdiv with a daily capacity of up to 30 tons of meat.


There are about 500 producers in the meat and dairy industry in the country. The competition is serious and the customers’’ expectations are price sensitive.

“Our strategy is to offer products that we would love to have first – in terms of taste, odor, quality, appearance.”

Dimitar Madjarov explains.

“For example, we were the first to introduce a flat sausage F70 caliber.“

“Dimitar Madjarov” is also the first company in the industry that offers a range of cheese and yellow cheese – from cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk and buffalo’s milk, and later such yoghurt… The bio dairy products are certified according to the European standards for organic production. They are made of organic cow’s milk form a certified farm in Bulgaria. There the cows graze freely, on pure green pastures.

“All chemical and biological processes in these organic dairy products occur naturally. That’s why we say they are naturally delicious.”

Yulia Madjarova explains.


Since its establishment, Dimitar Madjarov has invested in various production and packaging lines, packaging technologies, the construction of a new meat processing plant, capacity expansion and modernization of its own sheep farm, etc. The most recent investment was for the sum of EUR 500 000 – for the production of Dimitar Madjarov’s fresh milk. Investments are planned for a new building with a cheese workshop, for new packets and packaging.