Dimitar Madjarov Meat and dairy products from our family to your family

Enjoy the better taste

Enjoy the better taste

The product way to you

For “Dimitar Madjarov“ every stage of the products production is really important. Explore the raw material journey and find out more about on how the final product reaches you.

The quality standard

A number of quality standards, such as GMP, HACCP, International Food Standard, etc., have been introduced in “Dimitar Madjarov” production. It is a priority to us to meet the Bulgarian State standard, TSG standard and Bio food standard.

Years of history and traditions

Tons of daily meat processing capacity

Daily meat processing capacity tones

Daily milk processing capacity tones

Dairy and meat products for your table

Dimitar Madjarov, 30 years of authentic Bulgarian taste

There is hardly a Bulgarian family that does not gladly put on their table a specialty from “Dimitar Madjarov”. Established 30 years ago, the company produces meat and dairy products “from our family for your family”. For three decades it has been a symbol of quality and authentic Bulgarian taste.

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“Golden selection”


A special range of meat products that are made of premium, hand deboned pork, beef and horse meat. Only high quality spices and casing of natural origin are used, with no artificial preservatives or colors added, as well as no GMOs or allergens.

“Golden Selection“


A special series of dairy products made from Bulgarian cow’s milk using technology developed on the basis of old traditions and perfected over the years to achieve their distinct taste and deep flavor.

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