Our history

In 1991 we established the “Dimitar Madjarov” company as a family-owned enterprise for food products trading. Only three years later we achieved our dream of launching our own production line – in 1994 we started making sausages and in 1999 - dairy products. We are Dimitar and Julia Madjarovi – food-technologist engineers with experience in the meat and dairy production.

Over 300 people work in our enterprise today, both professionals and friends, who share our vision of producing quality and tasteful food. In 2009 “Dimitar Madjarov” brand was awarded as the “Favorite brand of the Bulgarian consumers in the ‘Food Products’ category” in “My Love Marks” ranking, as well as in the list of the most powerful brands – “Superbrands 2009-2010”.

Our company has two enterprises already – one for processing meat, and one for dairy. On the eve of Bulgaria’s acceptance in the EU, we finished the construction of the new building of the meat processing factory near Plovdiv, which meets all European requirements. Our dairy farm in Stambolyiski was renovated and the daily production capacity was increased from 3 to 60 tones.

Today our portfolio includes over 50 meat products and around 23 dairy products, all of them - true to the authentic taste.

We believe that the food we eat and serve should be of high quality, made with quality meat and milk, using a classical technology. We keep the traditional recipes, however encourage our technologists to develop new ones. We follow and consider the change in consumers’ taste and desire for healthier food by creating new products with reduced salt and fat content, without preservatives.
Production Range and Awards

The meat products range contains more than 50 articles.
  • All types of pork and veal packaging
  • All types of shaped minced meat products from pork and veal
  • Short shelf-life sausages
  • Long shelf-life sausages
  • Raw-smoked delicacy
  • Raw-dried sausages
  • Cooked and smoked delicacy

The dairy products range includes:
  • White brined cheese from cow, sheep, or buffalo milk
  • Yellow cheese from cow, sheep, or buffalo milk
  • Cow butter
  • Curds
  • Katuk from cow, sheep, goat, or buffalo milk
  • Soft cheese with cream, dill, or walnuts

Part of the produce, mainly the various types of white brined cheese, is intended for export.

We highly prize all awards we have gained throughout the years, the most valuable of which:
  • Gold medal for raw-dried sausage “Manastirska” from “Mesomania” in 2002;
  • Gold medal for salami “Burgas” from the Spring Plovdiv Fair in 2003;
  • First place for yellow cheese “Balkan” from the Association of Dairy Producers in Bulgaria in 2003;
  • Gold medal for white brined cow’s cheese from the Plovdiv fair in 2003;
  • Gold medal for white brined sheep’s cheese from the Plovdiv fair in 2004;